Latitude 64 partners with Discmania

A rival becomes a partner. Latitude 64 and Discmania now works together on a new line of discs.

Our friendship and rivalry with Jussi Meresmaa go way back to the early 90’s when we were battling at the disc golf courses both in Europe and North America. Of course neither of us could imagine that we would all be working in this industry 25 years later. Working and running separate businesses, still with that friendly rivalry that exists between the neighboring countries of Sweden and Finland.
– Discmania and Jussi Meresmaa has worked in an impressive way to grow the sport during the last decade. Latitude 64 is now teaming up with yet another partner that has just as high standards as we do. This will be a new chapter that we are looking forward to, says Latitude 64 CEO, David Berglund.

We have watched each other grow as companies over the last decade and now we have come to a point where we will not only compete, but also work together. The partnership is focused around a new line of discs called Discmania Evolution. Flight rating and gripwise specified by Discmania and final mold design and plastic development is done by Latitude 64.
– We are more than happy to partner up with Discmania to make premium quality products for them. This partnership is a true testament of Latitude 64 as a golf disc manufacturer. Our vision has always been to make the most consistent discs with emphasis on quality. We have never compromised when investing in machines, automation technology and skilled crew, says David Berglund.

We look forward to another exciting year where we have more research and development resources than ever for Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and now Discmania, so tie your laces and get to the course!

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