Kristian Spliid

PDGA#: 40430
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Born: 1988
Started playing: 2006
Home Course: Tilst Bypark, Aarhus, Denmark
Favorite Course: Krokhol Disc Golf Course

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  • Danish Champion MPO 2017 & 2021
  • 1st MPO EuroTour Kokkedal Open 2021
  • My first tournament win in 2011 at the Danish Tour #3 in Helsingør.

Favorite discs

Opto Fuse

“This disc is without a doubt the most versatile disc on the market. It varies in characteristic in every plastic-type, and therefore it has so many different qualities being able to hyzer, fly straight, and hold the long anhyzer. But the thing I like the most about it is the endless glide it has, and it is so satisfying to watch.”

Opto Explorer

” All round qualities as a fairway driver. It doesn’t “wear” out of my bag. It still has good qualities. That way I can be totally sure I have a disc that I know well and can rely on whenever I need it.It holds any angle I release it in and has very good glide.”

Opto River

“This disc is like my L64 Fuse, among the most versatile drivers. It has a fantastic glide and flies almost as long as my long-distance drivers. I use this disc for straight shots on the woods and long turnovers. I recommend this disc for players on all levels because it has so many advantages being an “easy-thrown” disc. I love this disc..”

Grand Rive

“New favorite of mine when it comes to longest distance with control. I feel like this disc is made to hold any angle I release it in and it flies as fast as possible, getting the most distance. I use this disc as my main distance driver as I can rely on it in almost every weather condition. The Grand plastic feels really good in my hand, and it gives me a good grip no matter if it is raining or sunny outside. I like the flexibility of the disc also being a bit softer than the GoldX drivers I am used to using. This disc has definitely made it easier for me to be more consistent with my distance driver.”