JohnE McCray

PDGA#: 9852
Location: Dover, Fl
Born: 1972
Started playing: 1995
Home Course: Edward Medard DGC
Favorite Course: Tobagan
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Power Driver, Solid Putter

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  • 2016, 2022 Masters World Champ
  • 2018 US Masters Champ
  • 13x Florida Tour Champ and Player of the year
5 World Titles in total
2 World Champ ?
Putting Champ
Long distance Champ
Doubles champ

IN THE BAG – Drivers

Opto Recoil

“I use this for big turnovers, hyzer flips and now long rollers.”

TP Giants (3)

“I use these as my main bomber discs. I have 3 in the bag and use them to go every which way.”

Opto Stiletto

“I use this when the wind is fierce.”

Lucid-X Enforcer

“I use this for overstable shots.”

Opto Saint Pro

Opto Saint Pro

“I use this for turnovers and straight tunnel shots.”

Opto-X Saint Pro

“I’m loving the new Opto-X Saint Pro. This new plastic has a little bit stability to it.”

VIP Ahti

“I use this for flick shots and backhand hyzers, skip shots, and high lawn dart shots.”

Opto Fury

Opto Fury

“I use this as my roller disc.”


Opto-X Fuse

“I use for hyzer flips because it’s worn in a little bit. I also use this for stand still shots.”

Gold Fuse

Gold Line Fuse

“I use this for straight shots and turnovers.”

VIP Warship

“Used and is great for straight shots and turnover shots thrown with full power.”

Bio Fuzion Verdict

“This is a Truth tooled Verdict that I throw for power straight with a slight fade finish.”

Gold Line Anchor

“I use this for midrange S shots.”


BT Shield Medium

BT Medium Shield

“This is my main putter that is solely used for putting.”

BT Medium Burst Swan one Reborn

“I use this for longer skin putts and anhyzer putts.”

Zero Medium Keystone

“I use this for longer straight putts into the wind also for upshots.”

Opto Moonshine Keystone

“I use this as a driver only.”