Jake Hebenheimer

PDGA#: 43762
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Born: 1998
Started playing: 2009
Home Course: J.C. Miller
Favorite Course: Harmony Bends
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My ability to throw the disc far and accurately

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  • Podium finish at an elite event (DDO)
  • 2 worlds doubles championships
  • Won my first A tier last year

Favorite discs

Opto Ballista Pro

“My favorite distance driver because it has the overstability I need to control my power. But it also has a lot of glide and speed so that I can keep pushing the limits of my distance.”

Opto Moonshine Pioneer

“My favorite fairway driver because I can trust it with my sidearm and my backhand. The stability allows me to always trust the flight of the disc no matter the conditions.”

Opto Compass

“My favorite midrange has a great feel in the hand. It’s extremely workable and useful in multiple situations.”

Zero Medium Pure

“My favorite throwing putter. It has the torque resistance to handle big power but still likes to fly straight at any speed.”