Tournament report from Oulu, Finland

Tournament report from Mikko Tolonen on Team Latitude 64°

Tournament: Virpan Kesäfestari Sponsored by Latitude 64
Tournament results:

We wanted to host an amateur only tournament here in Oulu, and I promised to co-TD it with my friend Tuomo Jaakkonen. The tournament was held 9.7. 2017 on the beautiful yet challenging course in Virpiniemi (Oulu, Finland). We had 88 players competing in 5 different divisions (MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4 and FA2)

Tuomo came out with a really nice 22 hole layout for the tournament with slight modifications on the permanent course plus few extra holes too. We also had prices for HIO´s, Hot Round (in every division), best Rating raisers, two CTP holes, longest drive on a certain hole and a putting contest.

The tournament went well, people had fun and we are planning to host the same kind of thing next year too. There seems to be demand for well organized amateur tournaments too here in our area. We wanted to create the “big tournament” feel, so we tried to do everything as well as it was possible. We used tee carpet on all the temporary tee pads too, rented a place with saunas for the players to use, used color printed maps and scorecards etc. To give the players the feeling that we were there for them.

We also held a doubles on the previous evening and  we had 43 couples playing too 😀 In our are that is a huge amount of players participating doubles.

We had fun and the players enjoyed so we think the tournament was a success.

We want to thank Latitude 64° from the bottom of our hearts for sponsoring our event.