Next Generation Tour #9 wrap up

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NGT #9: DGOD Am Series in Portland

Next Generation Tour #9 Image 2It was June 18th in western Oregon, in a small town called Buxton. It was a gloomy morning, but the positivity of all the players, helped the sun break through for an amazing day of disc golf. You can feel the intensity of the competitors, but also the love for our game is flowing.
We had 77 competitors show up to compete in the first ever Next Generation Tour presented by Latitude 64 in the North West. We had a few advanced men come from all over the United States to compete for the chance to win a flight to Europe and put there game on the map over seas. The first round local Master, Sam Gibson started out with a blistering -8 giving him a 1019 rated round. Right behind him was Kolte Breck, playing in Advanced Men, he shot a 1000 rated -6.

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Next Generation Tour #9 Image 3After side games and lunch, we had blue sky’s and beautiful fluffy white clouds for our final round. You could feel the intense nerves between the top 4 players in the Advanced Men’s field. Kolte Breck was -6, Jamie Harvey was -5, Jacob Dills and Tyler Kewley where only 2 stokes back at -4. Kira Alexander had a 6 stroke lead in the Advanced Women’s division after the first round! Watching all the competitors head out to compete you could see nothing but smiles on all of their faces and could tell that the final round would have something special in store for Buxton Woods.

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Next Generation Tour #9 Image 4The course has some very technical holes, that are tightly wooded and if you find your self off the fairway, you might only have a 2ft window to try to pitch out from. Heading into the second half of the final round things fired up. Whale Sacs owner, Tina Stanaitis made her move, shooting 9 strokes better than her first round to win by 3 strokes in the Advanced Women’s Division. There was the smooth throwing Intermediate, Kyle Lorts, being the only player to shoot in the 50’s in his division, winning by 9 strokes. We had Sam Gibson show us he is still human, finishing with an a 61 par round to win Masters by 7.

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The Advanced Men division, needs their own paragraph. It was a tight race, but experience payed off. Kolte Breck, lives in Portland Oregon, with the event being so close to Portland, I can only imagine the excitement he had hearing about Stop #9 coming to the Metro area. Buxton is about 30-40 miles from Portland, a small commute for Kolte. He is a 944 rated player with a bright future. He won the Latitude 64 Amateur Championship Stop #2 and The Saint Patty’s Day In May Stop #6, both part of the Next Generation Tour. I could see the confidence in his eyes once he first set foot onto Buxton Woods. The first round Kolte shot a -6 1000 rated round! He followed it up by getting a hole in one on his last hole of the tournament. With a Opto Compass personally signed by Ricky Wysocki. He aced #3, a 235ft hole slightly up hill with a small canyon to the right and tight woods to the left. I can only dream of finishing a tournament with that kind of pose. To sum it up, Kolte Breck is the 2016 Buxton Open Champion! He’s won 3 of the Next Generation Tour Stops presented by Latitude 64. I have my money on Kolte Breck finishing on top when the tour is done, but I can guarantee,
there are plenty of competitors out there that have the game and the drive to prove me wrong.