Dylan Feldman

PDGA#: 84447
Location: Geelong, Australia
Born: 2001
Started playing: 2013
Home Course: Barwon Valley Disc Golf Course
Favorite Course: Inverleigh Disc Golf Course
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Accurate long-distance backhands, especially on long, tighter courses

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  • Centenary Championships Champion 2019 (first break-out win in MPO)
  • Australian Disc Golf Champion 2021* (took place in Feb 2022 due to covid)
  • Earning an invite to the 2023 Champions Cup

Favorite discs

Opto Ballista Pro

“I love this disc for backhands and forehands, and it just goes so far.”

Opto Explorer

“This disc is a staple in my bag, as it allows me to shape long shots through demanding, tightly wooded lines.”

Opto Compass

“It is a super reliable disc that I have used for years for any straight or tunnel shots, or when I need to limit ground play on longer shots around 100-120 meters.”

Zero Medium Dagger

“The deep rim is super comfortable in my hands, and the mix of grip and rigidity that the Zero Medium plastic provides gives me confidence in all conditions.”