Greenland Embraces Disc Golf

The frigid landscapes of Greenland are echoing with the sounds of soaring discs and the satisfying clinks of chains as the country proudly welcomes its first three disc golf courses. Martin Spliid, a dedicated disc golfer from Denmark and a key member of Team Latitude 64, has been fostering the idea of bringing disc golf to Greenland after a trip to Greenland 15 years ago. After recently hiring a Greenland native as a graphic designer to his disc golf company FrisbeeSport, it was time to take action.
“We thought it would be a perfect sport for Greenland”, says Martin Spliid.

Luckily the Greenland Sports Federation also thought disc golf would be a great fit, and thanks to Martin Spliid there is now three courses in the rugged grounds of Greenland.
“The course in Qaqortoq is already used by a lot of players and also companies organizing team building events on the course. Nanortalik just finished their course, so now the locals have started to play, and they are really enjoying it.”
The journey to establish these courses was undoubtedly filled with challenges. Travelling from town to town requires either boat or helicopter, and definitely good weather conditions. However, the fervor of the players and the supportive communities have turned these challenges into triumphs.

“All three cities have received a shipment of Latitude 64 discs, and the local grocery stores now proudly display a dedicated shelf for discs in all three cities,” Martin continues.
This shift from unfamiliarity to recognition demonstrates the growing impact of disc golf on the cultural landscape of Greenland. It’s more than a sport; it’s a catalyst for community engagement.

Aasiaat, with its newly installed tee signs and meticulously crafted course, are looking forward to the first organized disc golf event in Greenland. Martin joyfully reports, “The course in Aasiaat has been installed with baskets and tee signs, so they are already planning the first tournament in Greenland. They have just ordered 100 new custom discs, bringing the club’s total to an impressive 230 discs.”

When asked about the overall reception of the courses, Martin affirms, “I have only heard positive things about the courses, and everything seems to be going as planned.”

This sentiment encapsulates the success story of these first three disc golf courses in Greenland. With each throw and each round, Greenland is carving its place in the global disc golf community.