Casalinas – The Disc Golf Family

Disc Golf is a great sport; anyone from young kids to their grand parents can play and have a blast. And when people get hooked by disc golf, they get hooked pretty hard. This certainly happened to the Casalinas. For dad Jeff (39), Cody (15), Cory (12) and Nicholas (11) it has become more than a sport or a hobby. It’s a way to come together as a family.

Tyler Searl (he is operating the Latitude 64 RV) met up with them a while ago at a tournament and made this cool video.

So how did all of you start with disc golf?

– We all started playing about six years ago. I was going through a divorce, and eventually got full custody of all three boys. Being outdoors is something that we’ve all enjoyed since the boys could walk. So one day while living in Ohio, we were walking a local hiking trail and heard a strange noise just over a hill. Turns out it was a group of guys playing disc golf and we heard their putts going into the basket. So we started asking questions about it, and found out that the gas station down the street from the course sold discs. The next day I bought us each one disc, and we were off to try out this new sport that we found. As the saying goes, we were “hooked” after our first round. We probably played three months with that one disc before trying out others. We played local events for almost six months before Cody and I were ready to try and tackle tournament golf.

What is the best part of playing disc golf together?

– The best part definitely has to be the fact that we are able to do this as a family. The boys also play baseball, but it’s something that I’m not able to do anymore. So this is a great way to have that time with them. Since we’re all into tournament golf now, getting to travel around our region and see new places as a family is also a bonus.

How competitive are you against each other?

– We keep score when we play together, but it’s usually me trying to hold the boys off. Each year it’s becoming harder and harder to do. I think it’s just a natural thing with us males to be competitive, but we also know that it’s a friendly competition. The scores are usually forgotten by the time we’re back in the car leaving the course.

How much of your spare time do you all spend on disc golf?

– Spare time? What is that? During the summer months we don’t get much spare time since all three play baseball. We try to at least play a round or two per week, which is usually on the weekends. With my work schedule though, I’m off early enough during the week to get rounds in while they’re still in school.

Cody (sponsored by Latitude 64)
PDGA# 50629, current rating 910
Age: 15
What is the most fun part about disc golf? The competition and meeting new people.
Favorite Disc: Stilletto
Most Memorable shot: Hitting my first ACE during a weekly toss.
Favorite Course: Capital Springs in Madison, WI.

Cory (sponsored by Latitude 64)
PDGA# 63780, current rating 908
Age: 12
What is the most fun part about disc golf? Traveling to different events.
Favorite disc: Core
Most memorable shot: Getting an ACE at the 2016 Am Worlds during the semi-final round.
Favorite course: Coldbrook Disc Golf Course in Kalamazoo, MI.

Nicholas (sponsored by Dynamic Discs)
PDGA# 69223, current rating 841
Age: 11
What is the most fun part about disc golf? Getting to meet new people whenever we go to a city or course for the first time.
Favorite Disc: Air Halo
Most memorable shot: I got an ACE in the first Am Worlds that I played in, 2015 in Kalamazoo, MI.
Favorite course: Robert Morris in Kalamazoo, MI.

Jeff (sponsoring Cory, Cody and Nicholas)
PDGA# 50153, current rating 960
Age: 39
What is the most fun part about disc golf? For me it’s the fact that I get to watch my kids play, and do well at it. I still like competing and I also enjoy meeting new people. I’m also our local club President for the last three years, so being able to be a part of planning events, helping organize tasks, and watching the sport grow in our area is one of the most beneficial parts of being a part of this sport.
Favorite Disc: That’s a tough answer, but if I had to choose one it would probably be the Culverin.
Most memorable shot: I also got an ACE at the 2016 Am Worlds in Madison, WI. Not only was it a Worlds ACE, but Cory got one the same year makes it special!
Favorite Course: Most favorite of all time is Elver Park in Madison, WI. Most favorite local course is Graham Creek Nature Preserve in Foley, AL.

Outside of disc golf Cody, Cory, and Nicholas all play Baseball. We like to fish and go to the beach. We’re good friends with Paige Pierce and Madison Walker. Madison is from our hometown of Pensacola, FL. Jeff is a US Army veteran and has been raising the boys for the last five years.


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