Distance Drivers

The fastest discs around. If you want to throw far, these are the discs for you. With a low and wide rim, they cut to the air at high speeds. They generally have less glide than fairway drivers, and also a significant fade at the end of the flight.

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Fairway Drivers

A Fairway Driver is the perfect disc choice when you need both accuracy and distance. A slightly more narrow rim than on a Distance Driver gives you less speed and more control. The extra glide that a lot of our fairway drivers feature can give you almost as much distance as with a Distance Driver. If you are new to disc golf you will find it easier to throw a Fairway Driver.

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A Midrange disc gives you even more control than a Fairway Driver. With less speed and an even more predictable flight path it can gives you the confidence you need on the course. The Midrange section from Latitude 64° is versatile and can be used in a lot of situations. If you want to start playing disc golf, a straight flying Midrange is definitely the disc you should pick up.

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Putt & Approach

“Drive for the show and putt for the dough”, they say. It could not be more true. When you are within striking distance of the basket you need a putter you can trust and feel comfortable with. Every player has their own unique playing style and likes to grip the disc in different ways. Therefor our Putt & Approach discs are made in different molds and plastics. Putters flies slow in the air and will give you the most control. So find your favorite putter and hit the chains!

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As we have seen in clinics and on courses around the world there are lots of players using discs that they can’t handle. People read ”Maximum distance driver” and figure that they will get more distance using it when this often is not the case. To help settle this we have developed a line of discs aimed at beginners, children and anyone not throwing over 300 ft.

The unique thing about these discs is that they combine light weight, 150-165g, with small, easy to grip rims. A large group of players will find that these discs improve not only their score but the joy in really playing Disc Golf with discs that will fly for them instead of just going into fade and land right away.

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Dog Discs

Dogs have sharp teeth and can shred a disc in no time. So we came up with Bite. A dog disc that is easy to throw, flies great and can take a serious beating. It is made in Opto Line, our most durable plastic. Bite is PDGA approved and can also be used in disc golf. You will find plenty of situations when the glide that Bite offers is preferable on the disc golf course. It is also the perfect throw and catch disc.

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Plastic Guide

Every disc golfer is unique and the amount of different plastics can be overwhelming at first. Check out our plastic guide and you will know what you need.

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