We take disc golf gear seriously. And if You take disc golf seriously, this is the bag for you. The DG Luxury Backpack is made to carry approximately 20 discs, but it can carry 30 if all compartments are used for discs. Thanks to the unique front pocket the bag does not tip forward as easy as other backpacks and it has a lot of extra pockets and compartments to store your gear. To summon it up: We got your back!

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Easy-Go Backpack Black


Are premium backpacks too big for you? The Easy-Go leightweight backpack from Latitude 64° is the answer. The Easy-Go still holds all the esssential disc golf gear you need. Ergonomically designed to have a better weight distribution closer to your body. Take it easy! Pack light! Go play!

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The Latitude 64° Core Pro Backpack hits that elusive sweet spot of capacity versus ease of use. With the ergonomic design you will keep the weight close and high up on your back. This is right in the middle of the Latitude 64° bag line-up. It is sturdier and has more storage than the Core bag, but much lighter than the Luxury DG Backpack. Regardless if you are a dedicated disc golfer or just discovered the sport, this bag is for you!

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The Core Bag is lightweight, slim, affordable and will hold everything needed for your disc golf adventures. This entry-level backpack can hold up to 18 discs in the main compartment and 2 putters in the upper compartment. The light weight and slim profile is good for your back and will strengthen your tenacity on the course.

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What is the best disc golf bag? Well, if a compact, lightweight, and no-nonsense disc golf backpack is what you need, this is it. The Latitude 64° Swift Backpack holds everything you need for your disc golf adventures, without digging a hole in your wallet.

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Ready to improve your disc golf skills? The Latitude 64° Practice Bag is the best disc golf bag for fieldwork. It can fit up to 45 discs, and possibly more, depending on the variation of putters, midrange discs, and drivers. Get out with all your discs and hone your skills with the Latitude 64° Practice Bag!

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This is the bag for players who want something good-looking and functional to put a smaller number of discs in. Holds up to 8 discs.

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Pro Bag Camo


The 64° Pro Bag has a unique design with great function and high quality. It includes two padded dividers for keeping discs organized. The front pocket is very good for storing your towels, gloves, sweater etc.  A wide opening in the main pocket makes it easy to grab your discs. The folding top is padded and when carried open it will comfortably rest against your body. With this bag you will never walk alone again.

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Latitude 64° bag strap


  • Made in the same material and colors as the 64° Pro Bag.
  • This is a our first strap of this type and it has a good price to quality ratio.
  • Can be attached to any bag that has clip on straps.

Warranty and Maintenance:

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