Casey Mount

PDGA#: 102277
Location: Northfield,Ma, USA
Born: 1991
Started playing: 2017
Home Course: Oak Ridge DGC, Gill Ma
Favorite Course: Maple Hill DGC, Leicester, Massachusetts
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My resilience, or ability to keep getting back up after being knocked down.

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I have had many, but my proudest moment so far was hosting my very first ever disc golf event at my home course! I was able to make it a fundraiser for Throw Pink, a breast cancer awareness organization, which is near and dear cause to my heart as I have had two family members with breast cancer, and I want to do what I can to help.

Favorite discs

Pure (in multiple plastics)

” Hands down my favorite disc I have in my bag as it is so very versatile”

Royal Trust

“A great flyer off the tee either forehand or backhand”

Opto Fuse

“A great midrange for wooded shots that need shaping.”

Gold Sapphire

“A perfect speed for a distance driver that has plenty of stability so you can rely on its consistent flight pattern and slight fade at the end.”