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Next Generation Tour #6 wrap up

Saint Patty’s Day in May A Next Generation Tour Series by Latitude 64° stop #6 After the one-day event on Saturday in Valdosta, GA, we packed up and drove to Live Oak, FL to host another one-day event on Sunday. The Saint Patty’s Day in May event was being played on the famous Magnolia disc […]

Next Generation Tour #5: Flights of Freedom

The Flights of Freedom “A Next Generation Tour Series” stop #5 was a blast! The weather could not have more perfect for a day in May in South Georgia. The wind did start to pick up for the second round making those headwind putts a little bit harder though. Thank you to all the wonderful […]

Grow the sport with Trilogy Challenge

Want do organize a Trilogy Challenge event? It’s easy! Latitude 64°, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs are once again organizing the Trilogy Challenge. Our concept is to make it as easy as possible to arrange a really fun tournament where you get the chance to play with brand new trilogy discs that will initially only […]

Wysocki wins Kansas City Wide Open

Ricky Wysocki keeps on piling up great performances . Last weekend at the National Tour in Kansas City he brought home yet another victory. After three solid rounds he won with a seven stroke margin to Kansas local Benjamin Wiggins in second place. And after a superb finish JohnE McCray from Team Latitude 64° fought […]

Next Generation Tour #3 wrap up

Next Generation Tour Series, The Rabbit Hole @ Will Hair Tour Stop #3 in Abilene, Texas. April 2nd and 3rd, 2016. The Abilene Disc Golf Association hosted the 3rd tour stop for The Next Generation Tour with JohnE McCray as their tournament director. There were 67 players that attended from a Pro open field (no […]

The Knight rides with haste

When speed is of the essence the Knight will ride with haste. This high speed driver features one of the widest rims yet on a golf disc. The Knight is extremely fast but also has great glide considering the wide rim, so this disc can ride out for long distances. For drives around 330 ft […]

Swing the Falchion at Trilogy Challenge

Scary fairways where you need perfect accuracy and a good amount of distance? Cut through the air with Falchion! For drives around 300 ft it will hold a soft anhyzer and slowly fight its way back to a small fade. When you need a disc to slice thru the tight fairway Falchion is an excellent […]