Tristan Tanner

PDGA#: 99053
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Born: 1999
Started playing: 2017
Home Course: Clark Centenial Park
Favorite Course: Veterans Park
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: I am confident with every kind of shot

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  • MA1 Champion at Gazebo at the hallow
  • 2018 Peak One Distance Champion
  • 2018 Colorado States Distance Champion


Favorite discs

Opto Pure

“Has a ton of glide and dead straight so it’s super point and shoot.”

Retro Anchor

“Overstable out of the box but works in to a super straight workable flight no matter the wind.”

Lucid Felon

Lucid Felon

“Overstable out of the box for a consistent flight but again works in straighter to even flippy.”

Lucid Enforcer

“Consistent long flying but always finishes even after getting worked in.”