Tristan Tanner

PDGA#: 99053
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Born: 1999
Started playing: 2017
Home Course: Clark Centenial Park
Favorite Course: Veterans Park
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: I am confident with every kind of shot

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  • MA1 Champion at Gazebo at the hallow
  • 2018 Peak One Distance Champion
  • 2018 Colorado States Distance Champion

My short term goal is to compete and place well (in cash) at Tour level and A tier tournaments. I also want to keep improving my putting and putting in the wind. My long term goals are be a major champion and be in the running or win a world title and a US title. In the process I want to constantly be building up the sport and continue to bring new players into the sport.


Leading the Land of Enchantment Open going into the last round while being one of the lowest rated players in the field. I went on to end up finishing 7th but it was the best lesson I have learned so far. That you have to keep your head cool because no matter what your skill set is your mind can take you out of your game.


I think it is very important to learn how to throw before learning to actually play the game of disc golf. Always have fun!

Favorite discs

Opto Pure

“Has a ton of glide and dead straight so it’s super point and shoot.”

Retro Anchor

“Overstable out of the box but works in to a super straight workable flight no matter the wind.”

Lucid Felon

Lucid Felon

“Overstable out of the box for a consistent flight but again works in straighter to even flippy.”

Lucid Enforcer

“Consistent long flying but always finishes even after getting worked in.”