Stewart McIsack

PDGA#: 73512
Location: Mission, BC, CANADA
Born: 1980
Started playing: 2014
Home Course: Centennial Park
Favorite Course: Milo McIver – BSF Layout
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Mental game – not letting a bad hole/result affect the next hole (most of the time).

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11th Am Worlds 2017.
6th Next Generation National Championships.
Selected to Team Canada for 2019 World Team Championships.


The more immediate playing goal is to get into the illustrious 1000 rated club. Little bit more long-term of a goal will be to compete at 2020 Masters World Championships and finish in the top 10.

Off the course I am looking forward to getting our new championship course operational – Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park – which is being built by our Non-Profit Society on 100% volunteer effort. 18 holes, par 64, over 8400 ft and has a 3 pad – 3 pin practice facility on the property.


Receiving the invitation to play for Latitude 64° has to be at the top of the list. Before then, it would certainly be watching my putter roll away at Fountain Hills into the lake on the second hole. What makes this memorable was answering that catastrophic bad break in the semi finals with back to back birdies on 7 & 8 to keep me in it.


Start from a standing position. Yes, seeing all the top players in the world throwing long drives with big X steps is awesome, but if you can get the technique right while standing still you will become far better faster than starting with all the parts moving at once.

Favorite discs

Westside Discs Tournament Warship

TP Warship

“It’s the longest straightest midrange in the game. Will hold almost any edge you put it on.”

GL Explorer

“Very controllable fairway with plenty of finish. There is just a lot of shots that can be thrown with this mold.”

BT Shield Medium

BT Medium Shield

“Such a great throwing putter. New it has reliable stability, but beat in it is SO straight.”

Bio Fuzion Defender

“It is the only driver in my bag. Covers all the shots from fresh to old and beat.”