Sai Ananda

PDGA#: 58303
Location: Spokane, WA
Born: 1996
Started playing: 2011
Home Course: Heritage Park
Favorite Course: Sandy Point Resort, Northwoods
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Mental Focus

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· 2018 PDGA Masters World Championship Tournament Director
· One of the most memorable moments of my career would have to be my first tournament playing in FPO. It was a local tournament in Spokane, WA. My drives were going well but there creeping nerves made my my firstshort game near impossible, after 5 holes I was 7 over par. The next hole, I try to remain calm. It wasn’t an extraordinary throw by any means, but it was the right throw. I traced the flight in disbelief as it hyzered into the center chains of the basket. My first tournament ace in my first bro pro tournament. I’ll never forget it.


I think a better question would be what don’t I like about discgolf? That would be a much shorter list. When I first started playing I wasn’t too interested in the game, I just loved being out on the course, paving a lunch, grabbing some discs and, hiking in the orders for a few rounds on beautiful day. The game has changed a lot for me in the years that one been playing but, time and time again a perfect drive or put brings you back to the simple joys of disc golf and, those moments inspire passion and enthusiasm. I can’t say it’s the only reason bit it’s a big part of what keeps me playing, rain or shine.

Favorite discs

Opto Beetle

Opto Beetle

Snow Line Ballista

VIP Warship

Classic Warden