Robert “Moe” Lockwood

PDGA#: 42236
Location: Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Born: 1983
Started playing: 2006
Home Course: Millsite Park
Favorite Course: Whistlers Bend
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Mental game. I have the ability to forget about bad shots until after the round so I can concentrate on the shot at hand.

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  • 2016 Oregon State Champion
  • Getting and keeping my rating over 1000

To get my rating to 1015. I want to cash at every tournament I play. It would be nice to travel a little farther and meet more people and show them about good old Oregon golf.


Winning the 2016 Oregon State Championship was pretty amazing, having it videoed was very cool also. I had some amazing shots to get me into the final 9 with a 4 stroke lead, Scott withers battled back to tie it with 3 holes left, I then birdied next 2 to take a 2 stroke lead going into final hole, throw on off tee but then have a great 1nd shot to save par and the win by 1.


Have fun, disc golf can be hard. Don’t try to throw too hard, smooth is power. Build up to faster discs, a neutral flying disc will teach you more about your throw than a fast overstable disc.

Favorite discs

Fuzion Enforcer

“Because it’s overstable and can handle power. I can forehand or backhand it. It’s very consistent and I trust it.”

Opto XXX

“The Opto XXX is very consistant. I use it for drives and shots from about 380ft (if I can flex it) down to about 250ft. I forehand and backhand this disc with confidence. I have also a Opto Moonshine that I also like a lot.”

Soft Justice

“This disc is amazing. I can get it out to almost 300 feet and when this disc is in my hand I feel like it will go wherever I tell it to. Being in the soft plastic it doesn’t take huge skips and usually doesn’t roll. It just does everything I ask out of it.”

BT Shield Medium

BT Medium Shield

“It is slightly overstable but still has decent glide. I can drive with it off the tee and expect it to fly straight then have a nice soft finish at the end of the flight. I also love putting with it because it has a consistent straight flight with a decent finish with my spin putt.”