Mikko Tolonen

PDGA #: 57512
Location: Oulo, Finland
Born: 1976
Started Playing: 2010
Home course: Virpiniemi DGP
Favorite Course: Discgolf Terminalen Skellefteå
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: I am a persistent and even player. In general I tend to play very constant rounds. I know my limits and my strenghts. I think I have a good mental game too… I can take bad rounds and good rounds and find the good in them and learn from mistakes I made.

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I have actually not won any PDGA tournaments, but I have managed to finish in top 3 a few times. My highlights are more on the experience side of disc golf. Scandinavian open 2015 is still one of my favorite tournaments what comes to meeting players, people etc. I like to think that a well run tournament is always an experience, especially if it is on a course I have not played before. Also meeting new people around the sport is important… players, manufacturers representatives, local TD’s etc. And of course one of the biggest things for me was to be able to represent the sport in Latitude 64° colours.


Evolve technically so I can still compete against younger players. To tell people about disc golf and to represent the sport. By speaking of sport I mean serious sport rather than just as a hobby, because it is and can be both. And what I really would like to do is to give clinics in smaller towns and cities and also to help smaller clubs to start their journey. It is really a good sport to have in towns less than 5000 people, a good way to activate people and help to prevent becoming marginalized.


My 1st Hole in one. 🙂 It took me 7 years of playing before hitting my first. And it happened on a hole that is 100+m long just as I wished it to be. Also birding a hole in SO2015 in front of mister Jeremy Rusco. that was kind of exciting.


Throw and play with your mids and putters as much as you can.

Favorite discs

Opto Explorer

“Such a great all around disc that can handle some power too.”

Opto Compass

“A really easy to control, neutral mid that handles all the angles.”

Zero Hård Mercy

“Slightly overstable putter with a great glide.”

Lucid Trespass

“Easy to throw distance driver for players who do not have the ‘biggest arm on the block’.”