Matt Hammersten

PDGA: 81781
Location: Woodbridge
Born: 1992
Started playing: 2011
Home Course: Giles Run
Favorite Course: Loriella Park, Turkey Hill Seneca
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My putting in and around the circle

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Winning my first Tournament in MPO by 6 strokes
My first B-tier win with back to back 1040+ rated rounds
Representing Team NOVA for VTI this year
And of course being able to represent Latitude 64


Becoming a 1000 rated is my first goal for the year. My next goal is to travel more to bigger tournaments and place well.


My first MPO win.


Learn to throw putters and mids because they will show any flaw in your form. To often players will “turn” a disc over not even realizing that their form is forcing the disc on a anhyzer to begin with. This is because they start with the fast discs rather than learning how to control the flight of their putters and mids. Especially if your new to the game you will enjoy disc golf more throwing a mid and/or a putter.

Favorite discs

BT Hard Burst Shield

“The Shields are very consistent and feel great in the hand.”

Compass opto

“They will hold the line you put them on and are great for accuracy in the woods.”

Opto Explorer

“I have been amazed by this disc since I received them.”

Opto Ballista Pro

“They are exactly what I have been looking for in a max distance driver. Goes a mile but still has enough stability where I know it will fade.”