Lukáš Filandr

PDGA#: 37150
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Born: 1980
Started playing: 2006
Home Course: DGP Ladronka
Favorite Course: DGP Hostačov (CZ), Rock Hill Gold (WW)
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Experience (with flying discs since 1991) and versatility (pretty good with backhand, forehand, rollers and other throws even with non dominant hand)

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5x Czech Disc Golf Champion
7x Czech Disc Golf League Champion
2016 Central European champion
1st ever Czech competitor at USDGC (2017)
Berlin Open 2016 finals
First Czech player sponsored by a Disc Golf manufacturer.


My major goal is to introduce as many people to disc golf as possible and help players develop their skills every chance i got (practice, tournaments, clinic). Obtain 1st/2nd class disc golf trainer license and use the knowledge. Develop myself to be and stay competitive on national and European disc golf scene and achieve 1000+ rating. And try to develop my kids to stay with flying discs and get better 🙂


There are many moments from my disc golf career, from my first Czech tournament victory, my first international tournament victory, my first EDGC (Germany, 2008), winning playoff for Berlin Open finals to seeing my kids throw and play, seeing people getting better under my coaching, but at the moment my top moment is when I arrived at Rock Hill and saw and later played USDGC as the first ever Czech republic player.


Don’t be afraid to go to local tournaments and compete. Don’t be afraid to ask other players at course/tournament for help/tips. Midrange disc is enough for beginner to play.

Favorite discs

Opto Ballista Pro

“Distance driver that immediately went into my bag as main distance driver when it was released because of it’s dependable flight path and added distance in comparison to my previous one.”

Opto Striker

“This fairway driver is for me a very straight flier without much turn for tight gaps which I can use with both backhand and forehand easily because of the rim and stability.”

Opto Core

“This midrange disc can hold any line I put it on easily and when I throw it gently it is a string flier handy for tight fairways.”

Zero Medium Dagger

“This is my main putter and approach disc. I like how it feels in the hand because of the rim and the medium plastic. When throwing I like it because it has a touch more stability.”