Josiah Griffin

PDGA#: 90955
Location: Wellington, Colorado
Born: 1998
Started playing: 2017
Home Course: Griffin Greenes
Favorite Course: Handyman Ace hardware DGC in Fairborn Ohio
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Putting!

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First place at the 303 Open A-Tier
First place at the Jackal Open C-Tier
First place at the Wyopen C-Tier
First place at the King Of Aurora C-Tier
First place at the Little Windmill Championships C-Tier
First place at the Blue Power Event #9 C-Tier

Favorite discs

Air Ballista Pro

“It is an absolute bomber!”

Fuzion Enforcer

“Very trustworthy and over stable driver for harsh wind and getting out of trouble.”

Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict

Lucid Verdict

“By far the best mid I have in the bag. Always very trustworthy and holds up in any kind of weather.”

Zero Hard Pure

“My Pure never fails to reach the basket and gives me the most confidence when stepping up to a big putt!”