Grady Shue

PDGA#: 68285
Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Born: 1995
Started playing: 2014
Home Course: Hornets Nest
Favorite Course: Maple Hill Gold
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: My greatest strength is my mental approach to each shot.

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1st place Kentucky State Championships


I have a few goals that have always been on my mind; I’ve always wanted to win not only a tour event, but each level (Major, NT, Pro Tour). I really want to break 1025 for my rating, and I’ve always wanted to get better each year I play.


The first that comes to mind is during round 3 of 2018 MVP Open on hole 14. It was a death putt straight at the water with a head wind and I was stringing a few good birdies together at that point. I just remember making the putt and feeling really confident.


Start with slower discs and don’t get discouraged so easily. You can always get better and improve, and have fun!

Favorite discs

Gold Line Cutlass

“The Gold Line Cutlass is probably my favorite driver in the Latitude lineup because it handles a lot of power and has a very consistent, long flight.”

VIP Longbowman

“The VIP Longbowman is the best feeling fairway I’ve felt so far, and the fact that it is super straight even at higher speeds is a plus!”

Opto Compass

“The Opto Compass is the straightest flying midrange I’ve ever thrown and it loves shaping shots.”

Lucid Marshal

“The Lucid Marshal is a very predictable overstable putter that feels good in the hand.”