Dylan Horst

PDGA#: 32599
Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Born: 1992
Started playing: 1998 (started competing in 2006)
Home Course: Anson B. Nixon, Kennett Square, PA
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Passion for the Game

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Qualified on Monday at USDGC
Shooting 1070’s in a final round to win from the 3rd card
Highest rated round – 1091


“Keep a cool mindset in every situation. There are times where emotions take over when having a bad round and everything starts spiraling out of control, but in the end it’s only a game. You are not always going to shoot a perfect round, but confidence and a calm mind go a long way to squeezing out all the potential.”


1. Bath, NY. Round of my life: Monster breakfast burrito, flying down the highway, and barely making the players meeting to see this 24 hole course blind. The stars aligned and everything was perfect (well 99.9% perfect). It dawned on me it was special when I picked the right side of a tree to hit (about 250 ft away) and executed it like it was drawn in the picture book. During the round we experienced almost every weather phenomenon to crush the course record by 8 and become a legend.

2. Monday Qualifying for USDGC: Off the bucket list. Hole 17 finishing the round with Schroeder and making sure he made the cut, I ran back to sign up for the last qualifying round. Hole 17 I asked, “Do I need to get the Birdie?” “You don’t have to but it would help.” (Par). Hole 18, “Do I need to get the birdie?” “You should try and get it.” Missed the birdie putt, devastated and figured I was in a 4 way playoff for the last spot. Added the score and was in the clear.


1. Focus on one thing at a time. If you try to improve everything at once, it will take longer to master. When one aspect is good, focus on the next. Baby steps to greatness.
2. Fitness is everything! This sport places a lot of stress on certain muscle groups which will deteriorate over time (trust me). Take care of your body, and you will continue to play for a long time.
3. Have fun! Disc golf is hiking with a purpose, there is no need to resent any aspect for the game. Call a TACO PUTT! during the round against an opponent, they make it, you owe them a taco.

Favorite discs

Harp (any plastic)

“Strong dependable putter/midrange which will hold a line with power or have a predictable fade when approaching (backhand or forehand).”

Retro Anchor

“One of the few midranges that i found which can handle the power. Throw a new one hard, it will fly straight and finish left. Season it a little and will start to flip slowly with a minimal fade.”

Zero Medium Dagger

“Fun disc to throw and my current putter. Throwing will have a slow flip with a little fade. Putting with the right spin will hold the line with a dependable finish.”

Opto Culverin

“Very smooth fairway driver which will go a long way with minimal effort. When seasoned, would be a nice turnover and perfect for finesse tunnel shots.”