Clint Calvin

PDGA#: 84958
Location: San Diego, California
Born: 1994
Started playing: 2012
Home Course: Morley Field
Favorite Course: Tobbogan
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Putting

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  • Winning USADGC
  • Morley Field Course Championships
  • Back to Back King of the Mountain

Favorite discs

Lucid Getaway

Fairway driver

“When I first threw a Lucid Getaway, I was amazed by its ideal stability and glide for a fairway-esque driver. It offers me amazing control and consistency in all wind conditions as well as huge distance and accuracy.”

Opto Explorer

Fairway driver

“Whenever somebody talks about a point and shoot disc, I immediately think of the Opto Explorer. Whenever I have any sort of gap to hit and I need minimal ground action on the finish, I know I can count on the Explorer.”

Opto Claymore


“Although the Claymore is slightly understable, it is an extremely controllable midrange and you can shape almost any shot with it. I love throwing it on a hyzer and watching it pop up and just go dead straight.”

Classic Blend Marshal

Putt & Approach

“I was so pleased at how easy it was to transition to putting with the Marshal. Low profile, small bead and tons of glide, it also makes for a great throwing putter that has a reliable finish..”