Clint Calvin

PDGA#: 84958
Location: San Diego, California
Born: 1994
Started playing: 2012
Home Course: Morley Field
Favorite Course: Tobbogan
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Putting

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  • Winning USADGC
  • Morley Field Course Championships
  • Back to Back King of the Mountain

When I started competing in 2016, my goal was to achieve a rating of 1000+ now that I am 998 rated, I would like to see myself break into 1010. Now that I am sponsored by Latitude 64, I can check that off the list. My highest rated round so far has been a 1060 and I would love to get into that 1100 club. Lastly, someday I would love to design my own course and do more clinics to help anybody of any skill level that wants to improve their game.


My most memorable disc golf moment would have to be winning the Morley Field Course Championships, surrounded by all of my best friends and family.


One of the most common things I encounter while working in the Morley Field Proshop, is beginners asking for high speed discs under the assumption that they will help them achieve maximum distance. This is a very common misconception, so if I could give any piece of advice, it would be to start with a midrange or a 7 speed fairway driver such as the Latitude 64 Claymore and the Dynamic Discs Maverick.

Favorite discs

Lucid Getaway

Fairway driver

“When I first threw a Lucid Getaway, I was amazed by its ideal stability and glide for a fairway-esque driver. It offers me amazing control and consistency in all wind conditions as well as huge distance and accuracy.”

Opto Explorer

Fairway driver

“Whenever somebody talks about a point and shoot disc, I immediately think of the Opto Explorer. Whenever I have any sort of gap to hit and I need minimal ground action on the finish, I know I can count on the Explorer.”

Opto Claymore


“Although the Claymore is slightly understable, it is an extremely controllable midrange and you can shape almost any shot with it. I love throwing it on a hyzer and watching it pop up and just go dead straight.”

Classic Blend Marshal

Putt & Approach

“I was so pleased at how easy it was to transition to putting with the Marshal. Low profile, small bead and tons of glide, it also makes for a great throwing putter that has a reliable finish..”