Anton Lindh

PDGA#: 42715
Location: Härnösand
Born: 1994
Started playing: 2006
Home Course: Kristinaskolan
Favorite Course: Sula, Ale, European Masters Layout, etc
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Drive long, putt great

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2015 World Distance Champion
2017 World Overall Disc Golf Champion
2017 Second Place World Distance
3x Swedish Junior Champion
2x Swedish Team Champion


To reach 1000+ in rating, be a Open Swedish Champion, and be better than never before.


When I won 2015 World Distance Champion, It’s was heavy rain and strange wind condition, I threw 175m.


Begin with Easy-to-use discs, if you don’t have that much armspeed. Then keep it as simple as possible. Don’t try all new discs, but try discs that are good for you. Good Luck!

Favorite discs

BT Shield Medium

BT Shield Medium

“Flies amazing, when It’s new it’s pretty stable and after the time it will go straight and understable, I have only Shield for my throwing putter.”

Opto Compass

“I can throw it far with nice accuracy. It’s very reliable. I can throw it on every angle.”

Opto Stiletto

“I love the Stiletto because it will not flip over. I can crank it hard and I know exactly what’s gonna happen.”

Opto Anchor

“When you have broken one in, it flies pretty straight in head winds, and that’s what I like.
I have one overstable Opto Line, and one DecoDye for straight shots in windy conditions.”