Andrew Cornwell

PDGA#: 78239
Location: Pittsboro, Indiana
Born: 1986
Started playing: 2015
Home Course: Avon Town Hall, Avon, Indiana
Favorite Course: BC3, Nashville, IN
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Mental game and putting

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  • 1st Brent hambrick (A tier) in MA1
  • 1st 2017 & 2018 MIDWEST regionals for Next Generation Tour, then placing 7th &11th at Nationals.
  • 9th at AM Worlds 2017
  • 2nd 2017 Indiana States (MPO)

Continue playing the sport I love for many years while traveling the country. Sharing my love of the sport with others. Compete at the highest level of competitive disc golf and get player rating in the 1000’s! Enjoy my time on the course and play as many events as possible! Grow as a person and disc golfer!


Winning MIDWEST regional event for Next Generation Tour in 2017 & 2018 with paid trip to Fountain Hills Arizona to compete at Nationals.
Also winning A-tier (MA1) at Brent Hambrick event in Ohio. Joining Latitude 64 team in 2018!


Start with 3-4 disc and learn those discs. Fairway drive, midrange and putter. Stay away from anything faster then 9 speed. Learn what shots work for you and play the highest percentage shot. If your looking to improve fast join a local league and play tournaments. Learning from others is the best way to improve! Practice that putting and believe in yourself!

Favorite discs

Opto Ballista Pro

“Opto Ballista Pro is my go to distance driver because of the great combination of speed and stability with good amount of glide.”

Opto Saint Pro JohnE Champion


“Saint is my workhorse in my bag! This 9 speed control driver covers many shots/ angles in my bag. I carry five Saints in Gold and Opto plastic. Open shots, wooded shots, and hyper flip shots! The Saint is magical!”

Opto Fuse

Opto Fuse

“This is the most versatile midrange on the market. Great for control shots and hitting gaps up to 300ft. I use it for straight to understable midrange shots. Is a great disc in the woods.”


“Zero Hard Burst Daggers are my main putters. I prefer hard plastic for a clean release. I also use Zero Medium Daggers for circle 2 putts!”