Åke Wallbäcks

PDGA#: 4598
Location: Sandviken, Sweden
Born: 1971
Started playing: 1983
Home Course: Valls Herrgård DG
Favorite Course: La Mirada
Greatest strength as a disc golfer: Approach shots and straight midrange drives

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1992 Swedish National Tour Champion MPO
1993 Swedish distance champion (187m/611ft)
1993 Berlin Open – Eurotour MPO winner
2016 Swedish National MPM Champion
2018 Swedish National MPM Champion


Short term: Improve stability around 1000 rated rounds.
Long term: Staying fit to make disc golf a life time exercise.


1993 Eurotour MPO final Berlin Open: TV broadcast was not at all common those days. A gallery AND a tv crew that followed us in the lead card, to say I was nervous is a big understatement! That was my also first Eurotour win and an enjoyable moment.


Use a handful of discs, let time and people around you guide as you progress. If you seek improvement, there are no short cuts but practice, practice. Have fun, this is what you do in your spare time, right?

Favorite discs

Zero Medium Spike

“Good grip with a solid feel in my hand. The burst pattern looks really good too!”

Opto Mace

“I play midrange discs a lot. The Mace is durable and dead straight for me.”

Opto Ballista Pro

“Who does not need a good driver for tight fairways, this is it. Only played shortly with this disc and we’re already good friends.”