The Latitude 64° ProBasket line-up is arguably among the toughest and best looking Disc Golf targets out there. The baskets are produced in high quality materials for optimal durability, regardless of weather and continuous use. Functionality, longevity and looks, all in one package.

ProBasket Elite

Our tournament basket. The pole and chains are galvanized, and the top rim and basket are given a E-Zink foundation to reduce the risk of corrosion. After E-Zink treatment a powder coat finish is applied to get optimal protection. The double chain set consists of 14 inner and 14 outer chains which gives it a “softer edge”, and increases the chance for discs to “stick” to the chains. This also ensures that putts don’t slip through the chains, and likewise hitting the pole causing frustrating ”spit outs”. The yellow 4” tall deflector band on the top rim improves visibility in all conditions, and the chain sliders on the inside steers the chains in a zig zag pattern which also makes the basket even less sensitive to ”spit outs”. Tension screws are included for increased stability and the splitable pole and welded nuts makes for easier assembly.

The ProBasket Elite can be fitted with multiple top and ground attachments. Go to Course Equipment for further details >>

Latitude 64° ProBasket Trainer

ProBasket Trainer

Do you prefer winning to losing? Are you ready to improve your game on a daily basis? At Latitude 64° everyone from the staff to our World class team knows the feeling of missing a putt and can easily compare it to the feeling of making that final put on hole 18 when the pressure is on. So how do you give yourself the best chance of increasing those moments when you deliver on the green? Start by getting a solid quality basket that you can easily assemble and take down in your back yard. Don’t want to take it apart between your frequent putting sessions? Just roll it to wherever you want to keep it using the built in wheel base. Unlike many low priced baskets this will give you both the look and feel of a course basket letting you practise with a feeling that this is for real. Disc Golf should always be for real.

Latitude 64° ProBasket Skill

ProBasket Skill

Different players have different ideas on where to focus when putting. Some aim at a certain part of the pole, others at specific chain links and so on. Everyone agrees that keeping your putts center basket is key, and this is why we offer the ProBasket Skill. With its narrow profile it will make your putting practice hard and fun, but the competitions easy when you transition from the ProBasket Skill to a tournament basket. Improve your win rate today by getting this practice basket and getting your putting straight. Literally.