Custom Hot Stamp

We offer custom discs for clubs/teams, tournaments, dealers, companies and special events. The minimum order for custom hot stamping is 50 discs per disc model. It is important to plan and order early, due to the lead time of around 3-4 weeks in Europe. Custom stamping for the U.S. market is handled by Dynamic Discs. Lead times vary depending on what mold you are looking for and the chosen discs inventory status.

There is also the more exclusive option of ordering your custom stamp as a DecoDye print. This provides almost infinite possibilities and the full color end result highly depends on the quality of art work you provide for us.


  • Maximum size of the hotstamp is: 130 x 130 mm (51⁄8 by 51⁄8 inches ) in size.
  • Use only CMYK 100% Black and CMYK white for the graphics (The white will not show in the final result.)
  • Please convert all fonts to shapes.
  • No large fixed colour surfaces. Air will be trapped underneath, and the foil will therefore not stick, rendering in a bad end result.
  • No large thick continuing circles. Leave some openings to avoid the unsatisfactory end result mentioned above.
  • We recommend that you deliver your design/logo in vectorized AI, EPS or PDF formats, and send it via mail to for approval.

If the specifications above are met, we will be able to give you a higher quality custom stamp on the discs as well as faster service.
If there are any questions regarding price quote and specific lead times, please send us an e-mail or call us using the phone numbers listed under Contacts.

Custom stamp discs


Get your Latitude 64° Discs in DecoDye.

DecoDye is a process where we use 8 variations of ink to transfer any original image to a disc of your choice. The best results are achieved using white discs as a neutral canvas for your artwork. To get the best end result it’s important that the original art/graphics is of the highest possible quality and we recommend 300 dpi in resolution. The finished disc will have a lasting print that penetrates the surface of the plastic and as a result will not have the feeling of a “thin layer of ink”, which is the case in a few other processes used within the Disc Golf industry.

  • DecoDye is the perfect solution to get a great unique dye for tournaments, corporate events etc.
  • Only available for white discs in Gold Line plastic.

Decodye discs

Decodye examples