Claymore time

Claymore Opto - Latitude64°

The Claymore will hit the ground running when it is released as the midrange for this year’s Trilogy Challenge. It has a small dome and comfortable grip combined with a neutral flight that will suit most players. Compared to existing Latitude molds it will be slightly more overstable than the very popular Fuse and the first release after the Trilogy Challenge will be in Opto on August 23rd when the Trilogy Öppet is held in Emporia, KS.

The Dagger

Dagger Zero - Latitude64°

The Dagger has been developed in co-operation with Dave Feldberg and is a deep dish beaded putter. Feldberg says it is comparable to a big bead Aviar, Wizard, Challenger, etc., but deeper with more float. Why is it important to be deeper? Feldberg says this is for logical reasons and personal comfort:

”- Personal Comfort – I don’t want to feel space in my hand while putting. I like a flush feel that fills my hand. I believe since I am not squeezing to reach for the flight plate that I get a more consistent release. My hand always starts from the same position and thus I don’t have to rely on muscle memory to succeed. How much to squeeze down? These are factors I don’t need.”

”- Logical Reasons – I am not using this disc for distance, rather putting and approaching. So the deeper the dish the more air can be trapped underneath causing it to stay in the air longer. You shouldn’t have to slam your putts, I was taught to put a medium speed on it and let it float into the chains. To be able to make my putt if there were no chains, just a pole and a bucket. This way you can try and make putts without being in danger if three putting. Less action out of the hand, less reaction from the item it hits. Less spits and roll aways when you control your speed and float it into the basket. The dagger will allow me to bring back my old stroke, I am pumped!””

Flight rating: Speed 2, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 2

Wanted: Sponsored Players

Wanted - Sponsored players

Latitude 64 with the help of Dave Feldberg will be creating Team Latitude 64 USA. Feldberg will be accepting applications at until 4/31/14. He will announce the approved applicants in 5/16/14. We have allowed Dave to try a new strategy when sponsoring players. He will pick 25 potential L64 soldiers based on the applications and each of the players will then be in ”boot camp”. They will also receive a nice sponsorship package and their progress will be monitored by Dave and the rest of the Trilogy family.

On 1/11/15 L64 will announce 10 new latitude USA team members from the 25 based on performance, sportsmanship, and overall effort in promoting the brand. These ten will be our first ten soldiers on the L64 USA team. If you are interested, see below under ”Application for Latitude USA Sponsorship” for more details. All ages and skill levels will be considered. We at latitude 64 are excited for the opportunity to have a chance to use Dave as a scout to create successful partnerships with American players. Don’t hesitate, because of what we have in store, you will definitely want to be a soldier of the trilogy army.

Team Announcement

Devan OwensLatitude 64 has signed Devan Owens PDGA #25168 of Owasso, Oklahoma. Considered by some as the best lefty in the world, Devan is excited to compete with our plastic. Devan is recovering from an off season ankle injury and should be at 100 percent by the Japan Open. He has had a solid career so far, at only 24 he has won a National Tour event, finished runner up at a major, and two top ten finishes at the world championships. As a former junior world champion we are hoping that our line of products and support is just what he needs to take that next step into a leader in the sport.

We here at Latitude 64 always have been committed to quality products and aim to produce a quality team of players who are a positive influence to their community and the game of Discgolf. If you are, or know somebody who you think is qualified, the deadline is approaching. Help us find some deserving qualified soldiers.

Application for Latitude USA Sponsorship

What we need to know from you:

Years Playing:
Phone Number:
Favorite Disc:
Division Played:
Personal notes: Tell us, in a few short paragraphs, why you think you would be a good addition to our team, and list your competitive accomplishments.

Please send this information to and title your emails with ”Team USA”.

The Scythe

Scythe Opto

The latest addition to the Latitude 64° collection of drivers is the Scythe. It will slice through the air like a sharp scythe slices through grass. This is an overstable and very reliable high speed driver, produced for the experienced players that need a disc to deliver both speed and control. It will be released May 1st and will make it’s world premiere in the player package at the Bowling Green Amateur Championship April 11th.

Flight specifications: Speed 12, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 4

The Trilogy Challenge

Trilogy Challenge

The Trilogy Challenge is your opportunity to help promote the sport of disc golf. Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64°, and Westside Discs are excited to present this brand new event! Our goal is to gain better visibility of the sport and to get more new players involved. Visit

Clinic – Desert Oasis High School

Clinic - Dave and Billy Matthews

Nothing gets me more excited than teaching kids about disc golf. I have spent many days teaching gym class after gym class in countless school districts about our favorite game. In most cases I am lucky to have a couple of kids in each class that may have played once or twice. It is kind of disappointing, since in most cases there is a course within ten minutes of the school. Kids today are pulled in many more directions than we ever were; there is not enough time for them to try all the possible activities. So how do you get kids, schools, and parents to notice disc golf? What does it take? According to Billy Matthews, a history teacher at Desert Oasis High School, ”it just takes one teacher that wants it”.

Billy started the Desert Oasis High School disc golf club in February 2012. As the current varsity boys soccer coach Billy had a passion for mentoring youth through sports. Disc golf was Billy’s newest personal passion and thought how much his kids would love it, if they got a chance to try. We had met during a practice round, he was out for his first time to the course and it just happened to be a practice day for the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge. The first players he encountered were Garrett Guthrie and I practicing for the event. Billy caught a break getting to see the farthest thrower on the planet letting lose in practice, and he was hooked. He walked up to me and said “area 51 called they want their UFOs back” the very next year Billy invited top professionals, including myself, to come teach a disc golf demo and clinic at his high school. He had great student attendance and the pros wowed the kids with their impressive skills. Now are third year attending they have a full official disc golf club .They competed against West CTA High School last year and have contacted other schools in Nevada to try and get more schools playing. Billy says there overall competitive goal is to have a Nevada High School State Championships.

This year the pros are in town as usual for the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge, the largest pro event in Nevada for many years. Billy has set up the now annual DO High School demo and clinic. When we arrived they were all wearing new bright red DO High School disc golf shirts. I could tell Billy is making progress in this district. The Kids set up a nine hole course and we split into 8 foursomes. Each group included a professional player to mentor each group of students. After the rounds the club buys pizza out of there club funds they have raised all year. We sign autographs and take pictures and enjoy a meal with the future of our game. Then for fun we had CTP, ring if fire, and a distance contest. The players gave away many discs and prizes from multiple companies. Then the big arm pros showed off a bit and another year is in the books at Desert Oasis High School.

It took three total hours of our day with travel time included to hang out with the students and promote our game. Many times over the years I have tried to explain that promoting doesn’t always directly relate to dollars. It relates to how much you love the game and how you think it can positively affect a community and the people in it. As I get older I prefer the feeling I get from helping a student, than I do spending any of my earnings. If you want it and give it your heart the kids will feel your passion and they will be hooked for life. Almost every sport I played as a child some passionate enthusiast showed me how to play. Kids just need mentors and exercise, so if you know teachers take them to play and maybe you can give them the fever.

When you search high school disc golf on the web you can see there are many efforts similar to Billy‘s experience. I could not find an official national high school disc golf organization, but I can tell you that many states such as Minnesota have over twenty high school teams competing annually for the Minnesota High School Disc Golf Championships. It will just be a matter of time before disc golf is a standard high school elective thanks to all of the collaborative efforts nationwide. I would like to thank all the professional players that attended and showed their support. Cary Trotter, Vanessa V., Seth Cook, Devan Owens, Nikko Locastro, Ricky Wysocki, Jessica Weese, Jared Roan, and Rex Rogers.

Clinic - Group picture

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