Want to try a different format of play? One that is fun, exciting and decisive. Crown your local champion in European Amateur Match Play. We will provide you as a TD with a complete tournament package with everything you need to host a match play bracket. Order a TD Pack, gather your disc golf friends and have FUN!

Latitude 64°, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs are proud to present the 2019 European Amateur Match Play (EAMP) for both singles and doubles. These events will take place from late May to September.

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Current PDGA member guidelines – Disc golfers rated 969 or below as of January 1, 2019. All amateur disc golfers can play regardless of their rating (even if it is above 969). New members who do not have a current PDGA rating are also eligible to compete.
Non-current PDGA members – Disc golfers who have never been rated 970 or above. Non-PDGA members – Disc golfers who are not current PDGA members or are so new to the PDGA that they do not have a rating are eligible to play in the event.


Players that meet the qualifications described above can pay €25 to compete in one of these brackets. Please contact the TD to get more information on local details. The local bracket may be conducted over a few days, or over the period of a few weeks. The local bracket TD will determine the time and schedule when the brackets need to be played. Players will receive a Dynamic Discs Fuzion Raider and Latitude 64° Zero Medium Keystone in their player pack. The players can of course use their own discs during the event.

EAMP Player Pack Discs


Local Brackets – May/September 2019. Check with your local disc golf club to see if they are hosting a bracket. If not, check out the TD info section to get more information on how you can run a local event.


Bracket TDs will establish the locations for the Local Brackets matches. Follow the hashtag #EAMP on social media to find your nearest location.


Match play is an exciting way to compete as a disc golfer. Match play has grown in popularity and the unique format provides an opportunity for using a different strategy than what disc golfers typically employ playing traditional stroke play. The event also allows amateurs another opportunity to experience tournament disc golf at a higher level.


Awards for winners

First Place – Decodye Trophy Disc + 50€ Gift card to Latitude 64° Factory Store
Second Place – Decodye Trophy Disc + 30€ Gift card to Latitude 64° Factory Store
Third place – Decodye Trophy Disc + 20€ Gift card to Latitude 64° Factory Store


European Amateur Match Play Winner Discs


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Singles Brackets

You can order your TD package here:
Payment for player packs and trophies must be made through the Factory Store.
Use the hashtag #EAMP on social media to spread the word about your local bracket.

What comes in the TD package?

  • 16 Dynamic Discs Fuzion Raider
  • 16 Latitude 64° Zero Medium Keystone
  • 3 Trophy Discs (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
  • 3 Gift Cards (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
  • 16 Pencils
  • 16 Scorecards
  • 1 Bracket Poster
  • 1 Rules Poster

Package Cost: 16 player packs and trophy discs = 400€ (includes shipping).
Note: Registration fees for individual players is 25€. TD price 21€ x 16 players equals 336€* including tax.

* The package price at the Factory Store are shown and handled in US Dollars and is calculated according to the current exchange rate, and is intended to not exceed the Euro amount shown above. Any unforseen currency fluctuations may cause us to adjust the dollar pricing to accomodate above mentioned Euro price.

Contrary to the USAMP, the EAMP is a local event and will not lead to any finals or championship events. The EAMP events should be seen as a fun way to crown a local champion.

An entire 16 person match play bracket could be completed over the course of two days or over the course of an entire month. Local Bracket TDs can choose to implement the play in the bracket as they see fit.

One Weekend Model

  • Saturday Morning – 8 matches take place (16 players)
  • Saturday Afternoon – 4 matches take place (8 players)
  • Sunday Morning – 2 matches take place (4 players)
  • Sunday Afternoon – Final match takes place (2 players)

One Month Model

  • First week of the month – 8 matches take place (16 players)
  • Second week of the month – 4 matches take place (8 players)
  • Third week of the month – 2 matches take place (4 players)
  • Fourth week of the month – Final match takes place (2 players)

The One Month Model can take place over a shorter time span as well.
A single course or multiple courses can be used throughout bracket play.


If you want to run match play doubles just order 2 sets of singles package.

After the event

Please send us feedback and a short description of your event to
We encourage you to include pictures from the event that we can use in marketing disc golf.


TDs will handle registrations and collect registration fees.
Player packs will be ordered through Latitude 64° Factory Store.



The EAMP – Singles will adopt the match play rules as set forth by the PDGA (which includes following all standard PDGA rules of play unless superseded by the specific match play rules):

There are two exceptions/clarifications to these rules:


A pair of opponents plays in a group with at least one other pair, or an Official.
Exception: During EAMP matches, another pair or official is not required.


If a pair of players is all square at the end of the round, the match is tied. The Director decides if and how ties are to be broken.
Breaking Ties: EAMP matches that end up all square after 18 holes will begin a sudden death play-off starting on the first hole that they had began their round on.


The EAMP – Doubles event will also adopt the doubles play rules as set forth by the PDGA (which includes following all standard PDGA rules of play unless superseded by the match play rules described above or the doubles play rules).

There are two exceptions/clarifications to these rules:


Any throw which cannot possibly improve a team’s score is an extra throw. A team whose member has made an extra throw receives a warning for the first violation, and a penalty throw for each subsequent violation by any member of the team.
Exception: Once a hole has been completed, teams will not be penalized for throwing additional practice putts.


The rules for Best Throw (B.05.a) will be used. All other rules in section B.05 can be ignored.


Can I play in more than one local bracket?
Yes, you can participate as many times as you want.

Do you have to be a resident of the area in which you play the local bracket?

Can a bracket TD play in the bracket they are directing?

How is 3rd place decided?
3rd place will be decided by a match between the losers from the semifinal round.

Must I collect all participants entry fees prior to ordering the TD package?
No. However, TD packages must be paid for at the time of ordering. Our recommendation is that you collect entry fees first, however you are not required to do so.

What if there are only 4 or 8 players at the local bracket?
If a full field of 16 cannot be made at any level, a smaller field may be used that still results in one champion from the bracket. However, the TD pack will contain 16 player packs.

Do I need to sanction my local match play event with the PDGA?
Based on the fact that we are just looking at 8 head-to-head matches, followed by 4, then 2, and finally 1 match, PDGA sanctioning is not necessary.

Do I need to play all matches on the same course?
While we suggest playing them all on the same course to make it easier on the players, you can play on multiple courses.

Can multiple events be hosted in the same area?

How can I promote my bracket?
Under “TD info” (see above) you can download a banner that fits most social media platforms.
Use some of the following hashtags on social media, #eamp #europeanmatchplay #growdiscgolf

Can I compete on two doubles teams?
Yes, but you must pay both of your entry fees in full. If your two teams happen to meet in a match, you must compete on both teams simultaneously.

Can I as a TD disregard the rating limit?
Yes. At this point there are no restrictions on rating, just recommendations.