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For warranty claims, please email with pictures of the defect and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Latitude 64° is a swedish company with a passion for disc golf.

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Latitude 64 is sponsoring a diverse mix of disc golf athletes, enthusiasts and ambassadors. Do you think you can contribute to Team 64°?
Let us know how. All team applications must go through our Team 64 Application Form:

Jonas Berglund

Jonas Berglund

Operations Manager

Jonas is keeping track of the logistics here at Latitude 64°. If you are a current dealer with Latitude 64° Distribution in Europe this is the man to contact.

Phone: +46 70 35 59 484
jonas [at]

Robert Lundqvist

Robert Lundqvist

Production Manager

Robert is in charge of the disc production. He is also an avid disc golfer.

Phone: +46 70 28 26 258
robert [at]

David Berglund

David Berglund

Chief Executive Officer

CEO at Latitude 64°, or just the boss. But he still gets his hands dirty and packs plenty of disc boxes when needed.

Phone: +46 70 35 25 300
david [at]

Johannes Högberg

Johannes Högberg

Media Manager

Johannes is handling the media departement. This homepage, social media, product pictures, videos and marketing. As a member of Team Latitude 64° he is also involved there.

Phone: +46 73 02 52 432
johannes [at]

Tomas Ekström

Tomas Ekström

Design and Product Manager

Tomas is the plastic professor, the creator of the discs with a keen eye for design. He also has a background as a world class disc golfer with world champion titles under his belt.

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